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COCN1Core Commercial2 DAYS 1 - 1.5 DAYS
CODNC01Change over from Domestic NG to Commercial2 DAYS 2 DAYS
ICPN1Installation of Commercial Pipework (first fix) NG/LPG0.5 DAY 0.5 DAY
CDGA1Commission Service, Repair & Breakdown of Commercial Direct Fired Heating Equipment NG/LPG 0.5 DAY 0.5 DAY
CIGA1Commission Service, Repair & Breakdown of Commercial Indirect Fired Heating Equipment NG/LPG0.5 DAY 0.5 DAY
CORT1Commission Service, Repair & Breakdown of Overhead Radiant Tube / Radiant Plaque Heaters NG/LPG0.5 DAY 0.5 DAY
ICAE1/LS'Limited Scope Operative' Installation of first fix Commercial Appliances and Equipment NG/LPG0.5 DAY 0.5 DAY
ICPN1Installation of Commercial Pipework (first fix) NG/LPG0.5 DAY 0.5 DAY
ICPN1/LS'Limited Scope Operative' Installation of Commercial Pipework (first fix) NG/LPG0.5 DAY 0.5 DAY
TPCP1A Testing and Purging of Low Pressure Commercial Pipework not exceeding 1m3 in vol & 40mb operating pressure: NG1 DAY 0.5 DAY
TPCP1 Testing and Purging of Commercial Pipework - This assessment covers NG & LPG installations1 DAY 0.5 DAY
COCN1 or CoDNCO, CIGA 1, CORT 1, CDGA 1, ICPN1 Commercial Service Engineer Package2 DAYS 3 DAYS
CCCN1 Core Commercial Catering Natural Gas Safety2 DAYS 2 - 2.5 DAYS
COMCAT1 Catering Group 1 - Boiling Burners i.e. Ranges, Ovens, Bains Marie, Boiling Tables etc.0.5 DAY 0.5 DAY
COMCAT3Catering Group 3 - Fryers and Grills i.e. Bratt Pans, Griddles etc.0.5 DAY 0.5 DAY

ACS LPG Courses Gas Training Re Assessments and Flexigas Site Content Guide

This Site gives information on the Flexigas commercial gas training courses, and commercial gas assessments available. The site features other training including renewable energy courses, or training, LPG training and assessments, gas ACS assessments and re assessments, LPG courses and part P courses, together with unvented hot water, electrical and gas safe register courses. Training also covered in the site includes water regulations, unvented hot water courses, and domestic natural gas courses. We are developing a range of new courses including solar, part p courses, health and safety and drainage courses – We are Greater Manchester based and operate not only throughout the North West but UK wide.

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